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Information for Parents

Parent Handbook

The Parent/Player Handbook has been put together with the goal of providing members with a general understanding of the organization, major policies, and information parents may need to actively engage with South Wood County Youth Hockey Association and their child’s team.


New Parents

If you are new to South Wood County Youth Hockey Association, WELCOME and congratulations on enrolling your child in the most exciting sport in the world! Below there are several resources to get you started. 

Remember that your team manager and board of directors are great resources.  The are available to help to answer your questions (or find the correct contact person) and other parents are always a good resource too. Don't hesitate to introduce yourself and ask questions. We're all in this together! 

The best way to make the most of your child's experience in hockey is to get involved and volunteer. Ask your child's team manager or a member of the Board of Directors how to get more involved.

We have learned over the years that not only do the kids need coaching, but a little guidance for our parents has proven to be quite helpful too! There is no shortage of hockey mom and dad advice out there, and here are a couple of favorites: 

13 Simple Rules for Hockey Parents, ESPN 

Parent Survival Tips from USA Hockey Magazine        

How to be a Successful Youth Sports Parent

What Makes a Nightmare Sports Parent and What Makes a Great One

Health and Safety

Concussions can happen in any sport or physical activity. The Center for Disease Control has very good information for parents and players about concussion prevention, assessment and treatment in youth sports.  You should discuss this information with your skater; and your skater should report any concerns right away to their coach if they have a fall, bump, or hit to the head. Our coaches receive training concerning concussion prevention and assessment. Concussion symptoms may occur after the incident, even a day later. It's important for parents to know the symptoms of concussion. If you think your child might have a concussion, he or she should see their medical provider to be assessed as soon as possible. The doctor will determine when it is appropriate for your child to return to play.  

Getting Your Child Dressed for Hockey

Dressing your first time hockey player can be a daunting task for the new-to-hockey parent!  The video below highlights the basics for equipment and how to dress your son or daughter for hockey.

South Wood County Youth Hockey Association has equipment for rent for our Level 3/4 and Mite aged hockey players.  For more information on rental equipment contact Randy Miller (  SWCYHA has a wide range of used items to fit different sized kids so that everyone is safe and comfortable out on the ice. If your older child needs equipment check out the link on the home page for a Facebook group to buy and sell used equipment in Central Wisconsin.
Tips: Little kids can just wear sweats under their hockey shorts and forgo the hockey socks and need for special undershorts or a garter. A long sleeved shirt, under the chest and elbow pads helps to prevent any rubbing or pinching. Thinner socks let kids' toes move in their skates and means their feet will stay warmer.
The more comfortable your child is in his or her equipment, the more they can focus on having fun!