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Hockey Level 3/4

What is Hockey Level 3/4

Purpose: To better prepare our young skaters for the Mite level within SWCYHA.

Who:  Youth age ranging from 3 to 8 years old.  Prerequisites would include a minimum 1 year in LTPH and/or successful completion of 2 of 4 modules within WRFSC Learn to Play Hockey Program…. OR General progression as determined by the LTPH Coordinators from WRFSC and SWCYHA.

When: Ice time to be Saturdays from 9:30 am to 10:30 am on designated dates.  Shared ice with the Mite group and subject to change for holidays and tournament weekends. A fall and winter session are available within registration.

Registration:  Hockey Level 3/4 registration is available on the SWCYHA home page. 

Cost:  $75 per session.  Registration is split into 2 seasons, October to December and January to March.   USA Hockey fees would apply to Level 3 and 4 where applicable.

Equipment Rental:  Hockey level 3 and 4 would be eligible for equipment rental as outlined in the SWCYHA hand-book.  Helmet rental included in the fee for all Hockey 3/4 skaters.

Coaching:   On ice coaches will be required to be certified in accordance to USA Hockey rules.  Student coaches ranging from Squirt level to High School will be utilized.

Volunteerism:  In the event of a Jamboree for this level, parents will be responsible for all volunteer positions in accordance with standard “tournament/jamboree” weekends. 

Overall Objective:    Avenue to begin introducing families and skaters to the “hockey way of life” and to HAVE FUN!