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SWCYHA Information


SWCYHA and the Lincoln High School WIAA program it supports, are not funded by any tax dollars.  We rely entirely on player registration fees and fundraising.

We are a 5013C Organization or a non-profit organization. Tax Exempt ID #39-1653646

The organization is run entirely by volunteers.  There is a board of directors consisting of 12 people who help guide decisions for the association. 

The South Wood County Recreation Center manages the actual building and ice.  SWCYHA rents ice from the Rec Center - for all team practies and games.  The ice contract each season is decided upon before the season starts to include 'blocks' of time.  More information can be found below.  

There are several expenses the association incurs;  the largest expense is the ice rental costs.  Other costs include support for the WIAA team, equipment rental program, concession stand rental and maintenance of concessions equipment (popcorn machine, freezers, etc.), fees for book keeping, referees, and the list keeps going.... 

SWCYHA uses registration fees, fundraising and donations to fund expenses.  Fundraising includes:  Golf Outings, the Sportsman's banquet, The concessions stand, running tournaments, and other fundraisers.

We also look for sponsors for individual teams and for the association.  Team sponsors help offset costs for teams to attend tournaments and other expenses.  Did you know it can cost over $600 for a team to attend a State Tournament? 

It is our goal to better educate our association members on costs and the need for volunteers to keep costs down, to ultimately keep hockey affordable in the south Wood County area.   

Please see the documents posted on this page for more information. 

Thank you everyone for your help to keep this association going!!

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Knowing the priorities of our association and where help is needed is a great way to make an individual impact with our association. 

Also knowing what each job includes is helpful for us all, so we continue to run our association well.  

Documents and Policies

There are several documents & policies that are revised each season.   Here are some for reference.  

Financial info